Maintenance-free LED lights

Our LED lights are equipped with the M OLED®-BOX. This means that it is possible to replace lamps (e.g. LED tubes, ..) at any time. The M OLED®-BOX ensures safety and freedom from maintenance. The product has been awarded the "Seal of Excellence" by the European Commission.




High safety during lamp replacement

If, however, a light source is to be exchanged during the service life of the light bar, then the built-in fuse of the M OLED®-BOX ensures that a tube inserted by mistake causes no damage.



LED lighting upgrade conforming to standards​

The M OLED®-BOX meets the electrotechnical standards, is fully certified, and can be installed at any time. No matter whether it is an old or a new light beam system. You are always on the safe side with the M OLED®-BOX.



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