The "Seal of Excellence"

The M OLED®-BOX is a funded project in the EU's Horizon 2020 research program, and we also received the Seal of Excellence, a seal of approval for project proposals that helps investors assess the innovation potential of the project.

We are proud that the M OLED®-BOX has been recognized by the European Commission as a sustainable and safe product for the LED lighting industry.



Weber Kartonagen

The traditional PETER WEBER KARTONAGEN GMBH specialises in special packaging and, like many satisfied customers, has recently started using modern LED tubes. In combination with the M OLED®-BOX and the MO-TRAS trunking system, employees not only have a better working environment. Also the safety and especially the saving of energy costs is and was decisive for the company to decide to use the M OLED®-BOX zu entscheiden.



MS Spaichingen Halle

Bundled innovative strength with a clear strategy, according to the slogan of MS Spaichingen. Therefore it is a matter of course to equip the production halls with innovative lighting technology in both business units, special machines for ultrasonic technology and automotive system components. Management's concerns that the safety of replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes could not be guaranteed were refuted. MS Spaichingen now uses the newly developed M OLED®-BOX and our certified MO-TRAS trunking system in the production hall.




BRUCHA Gmbh is a Lower Austrian family business based in Michelhausen. More than 600 employees are engaged in the production of high-quality panels for hall constructions and export them to many European countries. It goes without saying that for years we have attached great importance to efficient and resource-conserving production. Accordingly, attention was paid to lighting in the company's own production halls. "Thanks to this cooperation, we were able to replace the "disposable article" of moisture-proof beams with energy-efficient LED tubes. In combination with the M OLED®-BOX, we are focusing on a long-term and sustainable solution",  so Mr. Bürgmayer, responsible for the factory premises.