Simple, cost-effective, and efficient

The M OLED®-BOX makes it easier to switch to LED light sources in terms of sustainability and safety. Our industrial partners count on the M OLED®-BOX and its advantages. But even with existing light bars that are converted to LEDs, the passive, electronic component is justified in terms of efficiency and longevity.

The advantages of the M OLED®-BOX at a glance

  • The M OLED®-BOX is a replacement for conventional ballasts and increases the overall efficiency of the light bar.
  • The M OLED®-BOX ensures safety during lamp replacement (possibly risk of implosion if incorrectly fitted).
  • The self-healing fuse of the M OLED®-BOX guarantees rapid recovery in the event of damage, and troubleshooting is also easier.
  • In the conversion from fluorescent to LED tubes. Conventional ballasts have a limited life. If these are not taken into account when replacing the lamp, a later replacement will result in additional costs. It is best to use the M OLED®-BOX right away and use the almost unlimited service life without any additional costs.

Generally applies to LED systems

  • LED lighting fixtures are more efficient and consume less energy, about 50% energy savings compared to fluorescent tubes.
  • LED lighting fixtures have a longer life than conventional lamps and are more resource efficient.
  • Different colors can be represented with a tube.
  • LED lighting fixtures do not contain mercury.
  • LED tubes emit directional light, which can be beneficial.
  • The quality and price of LED tubes will continue to change in the future.

The M OLED®-BOX and the LED tube - indispensable resources for efficient light, safety and longevity.